The name “Kansas City Spirit” is inspired by an historical account of the city written by Henry Haskell, Jr. and Richard Fowler called City of the Future. This book, published in the year 1950, tells the story of a town whose potential went mostly unrealized by 19th and 20th century American pioneers. Though many lacked vision for the veiled treasure of the city, there was no overlooking the confidence of its people. “The Kansas Citians …seemed to have ‘unbounded, unquestioning faith that here was the City of the Future.” (p.33).

The Kansas City Spirit is a spirit that sees its convention hall burn down just months before hosting its largest event, only to rebuild it in ninety days. It’s a spirit that opens extravagant art galleries and jazz clubs in the midst of a depression, trusting in the beauty of arts to bring inspiration and light in the darkest of times. It’s a spirit that remains loyal to a baseball team through decades of futility, ready to erupt with one of the greatest celebrations the sports world has ever seen when it finally takes the crown. It’s a spirit of people who move forward in the face of adversity and put the good of the city above self, believing the best is yet to come. Is the Kansas City Spirit in you?